Since our inception in 2006, we've had a dream. A dream to have to have a place to call our own.
A dream to have our own little theatre. In 2016, after years of moving from venue rental to venue rental, we found a diamond in the rough.
We saw potential.  We had a vision.  We took a leap of faith.

In the spring of 2017, after many months of hard work, our dream came true with a
debut performance on our own stage, in our own theatre!

Here we are in 2020, entering our 14th year, with countless productions, classes, camps and special events behind us.
We've welcomed so many new members into our family along the way.

That leap of faith, just three short years ago, has proven to be the best decision
we have ever made for our organization.

We could not have come this far without the amazing support of our CFT family and we’ve only just begun!  In addition to the cost to operate, to maintain
our facility and to run our programs, we are hoping to purchase our own LED lighting equipment, which will reduce our electricity consumption tremendously, and to upgrade
our sound system with good-quality body microphones and speakers.  Our income from tuition and ticket sales only covers approx. 60% of our expenses.  Having our own facility brings
in new and higher expenses as well.

We need your support now more than ever to help keep our organization alive and well.
The Covid-19 pandemic has hit us hard.  With the complete closure from March to July and state guidelines causing us to operate at less than half capacity this summer and fall,
we stand to lose more than 60% of our projected annual income.   Of course, our expenses will remain the same and it will be impossible to cover those costs with 40% of our annual income.
That is why it is so important to seek and gain support from our community.  

We are determined to survive and continue to provide a space where young performers can learn, grow and thrive.  We hope you will consider a
tax-deductible donation.  However large or small, your gift will help us cover the costs to maintain our facility, run our programs and keep the magic that now lives within these
walls alive for many years to come!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Mr. Steve & Miss Lori

Donations can be made with a credit card by clicking the "Donate" link above or mailed to:
Connecticut Family Theatre, 58 South Street, West Hartford, CT  06110

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Make a donation to The Michele Warshaw Memorial Fund
A scholarship fund in honor of our beloved co-founder and costumer, Michele Warshaw.
Simply click on the donate now button and be sure to designate your contribution.

Contribute Through The United Way
Connecticut Family Theatre Designation Code: AG6727

Matching Programs
Did you know that your company may have a matching gift program?
CFT is grateful for these wonderful programs offered by businesses and corporations!
Ask your employer today!

Recurring Payments Through Paypal
Ongoing support makes such a difference!  Easiest and most convenient way to give.
Make one monthly gift today, and know your charitable giving is in place for the entire year to come.

Purchase An Ornament For Our Holiday Giving Tree
White-$25  Blue-$50  Red-$100  Green-$250  Silver-$500  Gold-$1000  Multi-$1500+

Advertise In Our Programs
A great way to support our programs while advertising your business.

CFT welcomes and encourages members of the community to lend their time and talents.  Do you like to fundraise,
organize, sew, paint? If you have a knack - we have your niche!

At CFT we pride ourselves on providing high quality theatre programs for the youth of Connecticut and beyond.
With your support, we can continue to maintain that high quality while keeping our programs affordable to children
and families from all walks of life.

We look forward to being a part of the theatrical community for many, many years to come.

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